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Snow Removal and Snowplowing Services for HOAs

Prominent Real Estate & Management Services. is there for your homeowner’s association members when heavy snow makes it impossible for them to get where they are going. We offer snow removal services to HOAs in Kane County and McHenry County, Illinois, so that their communities have a convenient and reliable team to call when snowfall becomes too much to handle.

Give us a call today to take advantage of our snow removal services and ensure that someone is available to plow the snow away when your community needs it: 847-309-3562.
We'll Plow the Excessive Snow Away

Prominent Real Estate & Management Services. has the snowplows and trucks we’ll need to make short work of even the worst snowstorms. Look to us to drive a path so that your members can get out of their driveways and on with the rest of their day.

Let Us Clear Your Sidewalks So You Don't Have To

Driving during and after heavy snowfall can be impossible, and walking can be dangerous as well. When your sidewalks are covered with so much snow that your HOA members can’t move over them, Prominent Real Estate & Management Services. will be there for you. We will work swiftly and have your sidewalks snow-free before you know it.

Salting Your Streets for Safer Driving

You will want to have your neighborhood’s streets salted when the snow begins. The salt helps to melt away the snow by lowering the freezing temperature of the water. With the snow melting, instead of sticking to the road, the chances of an ice-related auto accident are significantly decreased. Salting should be done thoroughly and carefully. Call 847-309-3562 to request salting and snow removal services for your HOA.

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